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Certify your Impact on Nature with Verifiable, Automated Biodiversity Scoring

Making Peace With Nature Is The Defining Task Of The 21st Century

Antonio Gutterez,
UN Secretary General

Blue Background

In the race against climate change, billions have been spent on mismanaged restoration efforts, turning potential forests into tree deserts

In order to bridge the $700B gap in biodiversity funding by 2030 ...

Decision makers need the verifiable proof that they are funding a positive impact on nature

Oasis was created to address that unique challenge


Oasis technology

Bioacoustic algorithms turn field data into a single score that is representative of the habitat and ecosystem quality

Cryptographically verifiable hashing and ledgers ensure end-to-end data integrity and full auditing access to our scoring platform

Cryptographic ledger

Oasis Report

Your annual Oasis Report showcases your progress towards environmental goals and can easily be shared with your stakeholders:

  • Comprehensive biodiversity score, benchmarking your site on a scale from phantom forests to old-growth forests, offering a clear, relatable measure of your restoration impact.

  • Benchmarking against similar projects

Biodiversity dashboard with score

Oasis Dashboard

Our interactive dashboard lets your dive deeper into your biodiversity metrics to help you work out plans for improvement:

  • Biodiversity Score Heatmap across your site areas

  • Species Richness and Abundance charts

  • Trend analysis across a time range

  • Filters by species

  • Focus on invasive and endangered species

Dot Waves

Our approach, summarized

  • Bioacoustic monitoring covers high indicator species (birds, bats, frogs, etc.)We calculate a restoration score based on state-of-the-art bioacoustic research

  • Ranks the progress of your site from degraded site up to old-growth-like restoration

  • Standardized monitoring protocol

  • Standardized recording formats

  • Data is comparable across sites, enabling new insights to be discovered

  • Metrics are baselined against past data

  • Metrics are also benchmarked against similar sites in your region

  • We determine the true incrementality of your project in terms of restoration progress

  • Data is signed with encryption algorithms at the sensor level

  • Record of all data collected ensures data integrity 

  • Cryptographic ledger of algorithms versions and scoring runs provides full transparency

  • Raw data is persisted across the lifespan of a project

  • Auditable by third parties through API

  • Methodology published in a white paper (in progress)

Our values

We build integrity into the product

We rely on science-based methodologies

We create a partner-friendly platform

Join the Revolution in Biodiversity Monitoring

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